A website that will appeal not only to you

I listen to the customer’s needs and create a website that promotes purchases.

Featured works


A unique handmade personal gift shop designed with the U.S. audience in mind. Website visitors can personalize their gifts and conveniently order them.


The site is liked among UK tradesmen community. Here you can find various guides on how to build your own dream home or to book the right tradesmen for you. Integrated advertising, users are encouraged to fill out forms and purchase services.


Personal e-shop of an artist. Translated into two languages. Easy checkout, filtering, and quick review options to make site visitors experience smoother.


Furniture salon e-shop where customers find inspiration for their bedroom and can buy a variety of products for a sweet sleep.


1. Goal identification

I find myself in the place of my users to understand their needs and figure out the most important goals. I'm also researching websites in your market.

2. Scope definition

Once we the goals of the site, we can define the scope of the project. That is, what kind of web pages and what features does a website need to achieve the goals.

3. Wireframing

After defining the scope well, we can start to delve into the sitemap by defining how the content will be related to make it clear to the user.

4. Design

Now that we know the bigger picture of our site, we can start creating content for individual pages and turning it into reality.

5. Testing

Once we have all of our pages built and defined how they appear to the site visitor, it’s time to make sure it all works.

6. Launch

If your site is fully finished and tested on all platforms, it’s time to plan and run your website to success!

Get to know Kostas

I am a futurist thriving on new technologies and inventions. I have fully invested in the digital age and one of my many goals is to show people the benefits of technology that is accessible to all. I hate missed opportunities. If I see something I can hang on to, I grab it and don’t let go. I don’t have a plan for the next 10 years of my life because it would just be boring. I have my dreams and goals that I will realize over the course of my life, but I don’t know where it will take me on this journey, and I love that thrill.

What clients say

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